The Bubbly Bauble.
No special celebration is complete without one

There's no present to compare with the Bubbly Bauble. This surprising gift package comprises everything needed to transform a Champagne bottle cork into a cherished keepsake. Here's how to make the magic happen.

1. Presentation - The Bubbly Bauble comes in a tastefully simple gift box with just a tantalising hint of its unique contents. Present it to the happy couple, the graduate, the proud parents… whoever the celebration is all about.

2. Celebration - Pop the cork, free the froth, raise the glasses, let the enjoyment flow. But be sure to set aside a fine specimen of Champagne bottle cork.

3. Encapsulation - From the box take out the Bubbly Bauble - beautifully fashioned to echo aspects of a Champagne bottle. Unscrew the top complete with chain and place the cork to nestle within.

4. Commemoration - Unroll the parchment scroll on which to write the time and place of the event and any dedication. Then roll up the scroll, tuck it inside the gold band and place beside the cork.

5. Decoration - Screw the top back on and the Bubbly Bauble is ready to be display as an ornament on its cork mount and/or to hang on its gilt chain to personalise the tree decorations every Christmas.

6. Preservation - The cork is enshrined as a reminder of the heights of happiness everyone experienced on the occasion it first went pop.